Cancellation Request

Complete the form below – We will reply within 24 hours.

Cancellation can be done at any stage but is subject to the following:

  • Your account needs to be up to date, any arrears will be included in the amount quoted.
    Your payment cycle for your discounted rate needs to have been completed. If you joined on our 6, 12 or 24 month rate and have not completed the required payments you would not qualify for the reduced rate. We will recalculate your rate based on the rate for the paid period completed.
  • This is not a cancellation penalty, its a reversal of discount which you received due to the longer commitment when you joined but have not completed.
  • Cancellations within the first 6 months would not longer qualify for the FREE joining period.  This will be included in the revised fee.
  • Any promotional items like FREE gloves on the WC upgrade will be included in the revised fee.
  • 30 day cancellation notice. This can be in your final month of the initial period or any month following this. Kindly note cancellations for the current month ends on the 7th with new cancellation received after this being liable for the next debit.
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