Cancellation Request

Kindly Complete the below form, we will reply within 24 hours. 

Cancellation is subject to the following:

  • Your account needs to be up to date.
  • Your initial contract period needs to have been completed – please note the Covid lockdown period does NOT form part of your initial contract period.  Contracts were frozen for this period with a R99 freeze free which has been credited to your account thus resulting in no payment for this period,  In order to have completed your initial period full payment for the contractual obligation would need to have been completed. 
  • Should your initial contract period not have been completed we will quite you a fee to effect cancellation. This amount is calculated using the discount received based on the shortest contract period completed ie.  If you want to cancel you 12 month BoxFit contract in month 5.  The month to month rate would have been R1500pm and your rate was R749pm.  You received R751 discount per month for the longer commitment.  Your cancellation amount would be R751 x5 plus any other discount received for signing the 12 month contract.
  • 30 day cancellation notice.  This can be in your final month of the initial period or any month following this.  Kindly note cancellations for the current month ends on the 7th with new cancellation received after this being liable for the next debit.

Should you want to use your COVID-19 extension as your 30 days cancellation notice please complete this request by the 20th of your second last month to ensure no debits are processe

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