How to book a Class

Book your Group Class in 5 easy steps.

Select the package you want, complete the joining form and log into the client portal.  

Our class sizes are limited to 30 people.

If you joined on our Combo we suggest you book your Private Session as your first Session.

Step 1

Select your desired class & location. Remember for group classes select the branch group trainer, now you can click on continue.

Step 2

Select the date and time that is best suited for you. Only available time slots will show here. If you happy to proceed click continue, or if you would like to repeat the booking click on repeat.

Step 3

If you selected repeat booking you will be presented with multiple options on how to setup the re-occurring booking.

Step 4

You will now be presented with a screen to confirm all the details of the booking. Don’t forget to complete all your details. Once you click confirm you will have an option to add it to your calendar.


Step 5

Complete your personal details and click next, you will receive a confirmation via email of your bookings as well as a reminder about upcoming classes.

Let's make your first booking!

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