COVID-19 Level 2 lockdown

Latest Update 04/09/2020

Just over two weeks back and everyone seems to be getting into the swing of things.  2020 seems to have thrown us all a curve ball and from what I can tell survival is the order of the day.  We won’t be pithing summer specials or “December is just around the corner” in any of our marketing campaigns. Instead we  have opted to release more affordable options on all of our packages and would like to stress that healthy is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.  Stay active for 4-6 days a week.  Walk, Run, Box or Box Box Box Box …..See More and do More. 

Time is the one commodity we have in short supply so  lets make sure we make the best of the time we are given.  Keeping your body fit and healthy will ensure  quality of time, especially when we reach old age.

Level two has seen almost all businesses reopen, and with strict protocols in place we all seem to be slowly returning to normal.

Below is a brief summary of our opening protocols.  We have ensured our gyms to be safe while enabling you to maintain your fitness and improve your health.  This was again emphasises by a study that followed over 49 million visits to 2873 health clubs in the U.S.  Less that 0.0023 percent tested positive.  

1.  FightClub Post Lockdown Prevention and Mitigation Guidelines:

  1. Face masks  are no longer compulsory while doing vigorous exercise as long as social distancing of at least two metres is  adhered to.
  2.  Surgical gloves will be supplied to clients using Fight Club Boxing  Gloves. Latex Gloves are not mandatory as the WHO advices its not required to wear gloves, rather engage in regular hand washing however we would suggest using these while using our gloves as a precautionary measure.
  3. Disinfectant spray and paper towels are provided for cleaning down equipment before and after use.
  4. Hand sanitiser is available for staff and clients to use.
  5. We have introduced a shift system to minimize the amount of staff in the premises at any given time.
  6. If you are not feeling well please skip training. We will be screening all clients temperatures at the door. If your reading is over 37,5 we will request that you do not train that day, to help ensure the safety of everyone else. Staff will be subjected to the same screening with further emphasis being added to other Covid-19 symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing), Staff with any of the above symptoms will be sent home and advised on the government guidelines which they should follow. 
  7. Private Sessions and Classes will need to be booked online and will be limited to a max of 15 members per class.  This ensures we adhere to social distancing guidelines under COVID-19 restrictions. Bookings can be done on the following link.  
  8. Members will be encouraged to rather use home shower and changing facilities.
  9. Bookings also ensures a register is kept to track contact between members.
  10. Classes will start on the hour however warm-ups would be done outside to allow for sanitation of equipment inside the gym. 
2.  Covid -19 Payment Holiday/ Freeze/ Cancellation and other info: 
1)  If you have not claimed your 30 day payment holiday please do so on the link below.  This payment holiday is for training missed due to the lockdown being extended
2)  We have adjusted our freeze options to provide further COVID-19 relief options in case of retrenchment. Request can be placed on the button below.
5)  All contracts where frozen for the period of lockdown and will resume as of 18 August 2020 as communicated in our monthly Covid update communications.
6)  Cancellation requests need to adhere to normal contract requirements and can be placed on the link below

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