We are about to enter a 21 day lockdown; something none of us has ever experienced.  If you are not following our social media pages please make sure to add us @fightclubsa on Instagram and Fight Club South Africa on Facebook.  We will be posting daily workouts that can be done at home along with other interactive content to ensure your fitness goals don’t suffer too much! If you can, try get your hands on a skipping rope.

 We will also be taking a walk down memory lane as FightClub turns 6 in April and would like to invite you to send us memories of your own journey at FightClub.  

In terms of billing, as previously communicated, debits will run as intended for April as we are reopening mid month, however we have issued a free 30 extension to all our members and are launching our LOCKDOWN extension converter with this update. This can be used to convert your extension to a payment holiday at any month of your choice.  We would like to limit these to 300 entries for May, but will increase this for June.  You can further use your extension as your final months cancellation notice meaning you will have no final payment – there is no limit on the number of these per month. 
This is the only practical manner we as a small business are able to ensure you receive the same offer our bigger counterparts have made whilst still ensuring the wellbeing of our staff and other service providers.  We ask for a little patience and consideration in this regard as each of you have been allocated your 30 day payment holiday albeit at slightly different times. 
Should you have any uncertainty regarding this you are more than welcome to message me on this link. 
We understand there could be cases of emergency that would require immediate freezing of accounts, these are catered for in our normal Freeze My Account Option and would ask for a little consideration with regards to Covid-19 as we are all in the same boat trying to navigate safe passage.
We are back at 5am on the 17th of April and will be stepping up our game to make sure we don’t go into winter with unwanted flab.  
We wish you and your loved ones nothing but good health.  Our phone lines will be down for the lockdown period but our client admin portal on the website will remain operational should you have queries.

Yours Sincerely,

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