Our Biggest Loser Winner

great work champ! you did good!

Grant ‘Granite’ Goodwin

‘The Biggest Loser Transformation Challenge’ at Fight Club SA turned out to be quite the curveball for me. When I first signed up, I thought it was only one month. I was bragging and gloating on our WhatsApp meal prep group about how I only had one week to go. You can imagine my shock when, on what I thought was the final week, I discovered it was actually a three-month challenge! Oops.

Now, as a fast-food enthusiast, cutting out my beloved Burger King, McDonald’s, Chicken Licken, KFC, Pizza Hut, Steers, Nandos, Chinese crispy beef, and Anat was immense torture. I managed to stay strong for most of the challenge, but Ronald did get his greasy hooks into me twice. Sad sigh… But old habits die hard.

At almost 43 years old, this was my first-ever transformation challenge, and it was a rollercoaster of hit and miss experiments. I tried everything from meal preps to fasting, the carnivore diet, raw eggs, black coffee and tea (with no sugar), and more. But the real game-changer towards the end for me was the combination of microgreens and protein. And our microgreens smoothies from our new company microgreenspower.com (sneaky plug). With this combination my strength, endurance, muscle growth, fat loss and even mental clarity and focus peaked insanely towards the end of the challenge.

A huge shoutout goes to Fight Club SA for organising this life-changing challenge and to all the trainers who pushed me beyond my limits. Special thanks to the ‘Almighty Creed Moyo’ @creedmoyo, whose constant support and inspiration helped me stay focused and never give up. You can see and hear him cheering me on in my TikTok and insta vids @grantgoodie. I also want to thank Rudi, the Fight Club SA Mkhulu Fish, for his personal support and guidance throughout the journey.

A dik shoutout to my wife Calan and my kids Rogan and Layla, and my mother-in-law Val, for enduring my ‘hangry’ mood swings during the challenge. I owe a debt of gratitude to Aunty Charity, our incredulous nanny, for assisting me with my meal preps. And my brother Mike, whose advice on diet and training was invaluable, and his striking pics and vids of my final transformation bod you can witness on the gram and TikTok @grantgoodie

After the 12-week challenge, I feel like a whole new person both physically and mentally. I managed to shed 10kgs in 12 weeks, and my energy levels and focus have reached new heights. My diet remains predominantly strict (barring the odd lunch date with my closest fried friend, Ronald), and after a short break to recoup my muscles and a quick bout of the winter flu, which I klupped chop chop, I’m back @fightclubsa. I’ve learned so much from this experience and can’t wait to take on the next challenge with renewed determination, knowledge and POWER. It’s the size of the Phyt baby!

Ripped regards, your ‘Biggest Loser’ Aug 2023,




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